Bath Schools seek new superintendent

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In search of a new superintendent, the Bath school board got together on Feb. 11 to review the criteria for applicants.

Less than six months ago, the board found out Superintendent Ronald Jake Huffman is retiring in March.  “The last time we did this was 10 years ago … we’ve gotten applicants from all over the state,” Board President Nancy Hawkins said.

The board wants a candidate who can manage the current administration without making too many changes. “We are looking for someone who is going to continue the programs in place and has all of these leadership qualities,” said Jay Bennett, leadership services manager said.

“This is what the community says they are looking for,” Bennett said.The board has received 112 inquiries in relation to finding a new superintendent, regarding if the candidate was a superintendent in the past, has a master’s degree and someone who is visible in the district. “I am happy about the list so far.”

Board members said they want a record to see candidates’ accomplishments in their communities, such as finances and graduation rates.

“We had a candidate who couldn’t prove anything,” Vice President Ann Chaffee said.

Trustee Ken Kraphol said, “I want to know how they made that happen. That’s the most important to me.”

The board discussed having a special education director as a superintendent. “We don’t have the money,” Chaffee said. “We need some money to hire teachers next year.”

The board touched on capping the number of years of experience the candidate should have. However, they decided against it to avoid not considering those who could potentially have a stronger background.

“We’re happy to already have some interest,” Chaffee said.

While applications are coming in, Hawkins said, “There is no discussion on the candidates.” The first round of interviews will be held on March 12.

Overall, the Bath school board is looking for an applicant who can vest in the community. Hawkins said, “We’re all in this together.”

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