Michigan State University appoints third president in less than a year

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Michigan State University has appointed Satish Udpa as its new acting interim president on January 17, 2019.

Udpa was appointed after former President John Engler was asked to step down after comments made on survivors regarding the Larry Nassar case.

Udpa has held many positions here at MSU and was also the former College of Engineering Dean.

Appointed by the Board of Trustees, new member of the board Kelly Tebay said in a statement, “I think we are looking forward to seeing a much-needed change in tone from the top and the beginnings of healing on campus, as well as the start to changing the culture. Acting President Udpa brings a calm and steady hand that I think we need, and a commitment to better leadership from our administration. I believe he will set a strong foundation for our new president to come into.”

Students hope that he will bring change to campus by putting priority on the student body.

“I’d liked to see a priority on the survivors really,” Erik Anaya, chemistry senior said.

Satish Udpa will act as president until MSU finds a permanent replacement.

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