MSU board elect has plans for the university

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In the MSU Union, it’s not unusual to see students studying or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Something you might not see is an MSU trustee but, board elect Kelly Tebay can be found eating her favorite ice cream at the Dairy Store. 

It’s been almost a decade since Tebay walked around campus buildings but, she’s back now with a new roles and a new goal in mind; to rebuild MSU after the Larry Nassar fallout.

“I’m expecting change,” MSU sophomore Natalie Herman said. 

Tebay says she is ready to start this process but, it won’t be a quick one. 

“This isn’t a short fix, this is a long term problem,” Tebay said. “We made a mistake, we’re gonna try to fix it.” 

First year master student Caleb McMahon is hoping to see more accountability from the board.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect that after what happened,” McMahon said.

Last week, Lou Anna K. Simon was charged with lying to the policed about the Nassar scandal. It’s exactly that Tebay wants to work on; transparency. 

“I want to go around campus and just listen,” Tebay said. ” I want to blossom outside the university rather cocoon myself into the board.” 

Tebay’s new work home will be the Hannah Administration building and her first order of business is to take care of the Nassar survivors.

“They’re still in crisis mode and we need to make sure they are getting the resources that they need,” Tebay said. 

She wants students to know she is about her word.

“If I say I’m gonna do it something, I’m gonna do it,” Tebay said. “I‘m hoping they see from day one that I’m different.”

Tebay doesn’t expect the change to come over night but thinks with two new trustees, the culture at MSU will be headed back in the right direction.

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