Bringing Lansing to eBay

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With the help of online shopping, people from all over the world are able to shop and help support businesses.

Now, people from all over the world can shop and help support businesses in the greater Lansing area through eBay.

It’s all part of eBay’s Retail Revival program where Lansing entrepreneurs and small business owners get the opportunity to sell their merchandise and goods online.

“I’ve sold things just from my website to people across the country, but it’s me promoting it, but it’s nice to have eBay on my side and to help me promote my stuff as well,” said Cori Thackery, Owner of Sweetlees Boutique.

Thackery wanted to be a part of the program because she says eBay is a platform she has never really sold on before and she thought she would reach a whole new customer base.

“I’ve been having more sales on eBay to people who are not in Michigan,” she said. “It is nice that I’m able to reach new customers.”

Another business taking part in the Retail Revival program is Curvaceous Lingerie.

“The main reason that we thought it would be the most useful is because we’re converting to an e-commerce store ourselves,” owner Lauren Palmer said. “The eBay program was kind of like a segue.”

Now with Lansing’s partnership with eBay people will be able to get clothes straight off the racks, online.

“Especially with the Retail Revival program specifically within the next year, we’re going to get a lot of bumps from eBay just because we’re participating in the program. It’s kind of like shop local, sell global,” said Palmer.

Akron, Ohio was the first city to be selected for this 12-month program.

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