Who will be Michigan’s next Governor?

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The race is on for governor and rapidly approaching. Some are calling this the most important mid-term election in decades.

On November 6th, voters will decide if Democrat Gretchen Whitmer or Republican Bill Schuette will become Michigan’s next governor. 

“She’s got a plan to fix our roads, she’s got a plan to protect preexisting conditions she’s got a plan for clean water, these are the issues that people care about,” said Paul Kanan,  the Michigan Democratic Party communications director and press secretary.

“You look at what Rep have done that last 8 years here in Michigan. We’ve frozen tuition to keep college affordable, and we believe that with certain reforms we can keep college affordable for young people,” said Tony Zammit, Deputy Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party.

Recent reports show Whitmer is up by 8.2 points.


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