Backlash after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Almost four million people tuned in to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 2, but what they didn’t see were any plus size or LGBTQ models. Inclusiveness is what sets the two VIM editors apart from the rest of the fashion industry. “VIM is MSU’s only fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and cultural magazine,” Kara Dempsey said. “I never realized how important VIM was and what we were doing, but people notice us and see the inclusiveness we are trying to have on campus,” Zoey Berghoff said. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show guest performer, Halsey, stole the attention post show when she addressed the lack of diversity.

MSU alums start booming travel company

A company started by two former MSU students, Matt Carroll and TK Kubvoruno, is changing the college experience. “University Viral is a one stop shop, concierge travel events and entertainment, even for everything college,” said Kubvoruno. In just under a year, the company has helped give over 100,000 students the ultimate college experience. The company started by planning events for spring break. They sent over 2,000 students to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Local haunted house raises money for charity

What looked like a typical off-campus house from the outside was nothing but typical on the inside. MSU students turned their house on Gunson Street into a haunted house to raise money for charity. It took sixteen helpers to create this makeshift haunted house. It took them days to move furniture out and replaced it with an elaborately decorated house. “This is our haunted house we started it last year to raise money for the hurricane relief in Puerto Ricco and it was kind of a success so we decided to do it again this year,” Collin Tefft said.

Who will be Michigan’s next Governor?

The race is on for governor and rapidly approaching. Some are calling this the most important mid-term election in decades. On November 6th, voters will decide if Democrat Gretchen Whitmer or Republican Bill Schuette will become Michigan’s next governor. 

“She’s got a plan to fix our roads, she’s got a plan to protect preexisting conditions she’s got a plan for clean water, these are the issues that people care about,” said Paul Kanan,  the Michigan Democratic Party communications director and press secretary. “You look at what Rep have done that last 8 years here in Michigan. We’ve frozen tuition to keep college affordable, and we believe that with certain reforms we can keep college affordable for young people,” said Tony Zammit, Deputy Communications Director for the Michigan Republican Party.

Tailgating penalties? Here’s what you should know

It’s football season in East Lansing, and before the game is the tailgate. Students may remember the rules of the game, but they could forget the rules that keep them out of trouble with the law. The captain of Michigan State’s Police Department has some tips to keep you safe and within the law in the pre-game festivities. “Some of the things that happens, people make poor choices. Some of the choices could be ‘minor in possession’, some of those choices could be urinating in public as well as litter and things like that,” said Captain Doug Monette.

Ernest Green, the homecoming Grand Marshall

MSU homecoming Grand Marshall, Ernest Green, sat in on a special screening of the documentary The Road to Little Rock. The documentary tells the courageous story of one visionary judge and nine determined teenagers who are now known as The Little Rock Nine. Ernest Green, who was one of the nine students that were a part of this historic movement and subject of the film, talked about his groundbreaking time at Michigan State. “Any student coming here should see this as a lifetime opportunity and its more than going to classes, it’s getting to know people and building relationships,” said Green.

FIT4MOM gets Meridian Township moms moving

Fit4Mom is a workout program designed for women going through all stages of motherhood. This group meets in Meridian Township on the corner of Jolly and Hagadorn Roads. These women meet for classes where they workout, plan mom’s night outs, play groups and where they discuss community events.