What’s the Skoop?

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With free CATA services to students on campus, it’s a popular way for students to get to class; among biking, driving, walking, and riding a moped.

Now, an MSU sophomore brought a new option to campus. It is called Skoop, a pedicab to get students anywhere on campus.

“We started looking into low cost, energy efficient, eco-friendly forms of transportation and we ultimately got to the pedicab,” said CEO and Founder of Skoop, Inc., Josh Cooper.

Cooper created Skoop so students could get from different spots on campus for free.

“When I got to Michigan State as a freshman, I really saw the need for micro mobility solutions, that short zero to five mile transport,” said Cooper.

To ride in a Skoop, all you have to do is simply wave them down like a taxi-cab and hop in.

“We are always here to take you on a free ride whenever you want,” said Jonah Newman, Fleet Manager of Skoop, Inc.

The free ride is sponsored by business advertisements on the back of the pedicab.

“We fastened digital billboards to the back of the cabs and partnered with local business,” Cooper said. “We work with them very closely to make sure we are meeting their monthly marketing branding goals and objectives.”

Plus, you won’t find the drivers breaking a sweat when they are riding a Skoop.

“It’s actually not a work out at all, I don’t even break a sweat during shifts because this thing is electrically powered,” said Newman.

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