MSU students campaign for midterm elections

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With the 2018 midterm elections recently behind us, MSU students worked overtime the weekend before the election to encourage people to get out and vote.

Members of the MSU College Republicans used the weekend to work the phones and to knock on doors as a last minute push to support their candidates and encourage people to vote.

“We have a senate candidate up for election, all the state reps, all the state senators are up for election, governor, and a lot of other positions, so we think it’s really important to make sure people are going out and voting,” said Aleks Oslapas, Chair of MSU College Republicans.

Midterm elections are known for having a lower voter turnout than presidential elections; the message to get out and vote was a strong one this year.

“Again it all goes back to getting people to get out to vote. It’s reminding people that they need to go vote, getting them energized to do it, and reminding them that every vote does count,” said Oslapas.

Members of MSU College Republicans phone banked before the election. While most volunteers have been using phones to campaign, they have also been hitting local neighborhoods. Members of MSU College Republicans went canvassing, where they knock on doors, to remind people to vote in the midterm elections and exercise their rights.

Members of MSU College Democrats have been canvassing for their candidates as well, even going as far as West Virginia.

“I think college students, especially in East Lansing, we make up a large portion, yet we don’t vote as that majority. A lot of the governing laws, even locally, aren’t directed towards college students, even though if we all voted we could have that voice and choose what we wanted for our city,” said Maysa Sitar, Press Secretary MSU College Democrats.

Sitar encourages everyone to contribute to our democracy and vote every election.

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