Tailgating penalties? Here’s what you should know

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It’s football season in East Lansing, and before the game is the tailgate.

Students may remember the rules of the game, but they could forget the rules that keep them out of trouble with the law.

The captain of Michigan State’s Police Department has some tips to keep you safe and within the law in the pre-game festivities.

“Some of the things that happens, people make poor choices. Some of the choices could be ‘minor in possession’, some of those choices could be urinating in public as well as litter and things like that,” said Captain Doug Monette.

Students can be arrested and/or fined for violations of state laws such as drug possession and illegal use of alcoholic beverages on campus.

“Minor in possession is now a civil infraction, and as far as the costs, it’s my understanding that it’s no more than a $100 fine and in 54b, it’s a $200 court cost and I think there is an additional $10, its roughly around $310,” said Monette.

College can already be pricey, so don’t add tailgating fines the expense list.

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