MSU student organizations give kids a Safe Halloween

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East Lansing held its annual Safe Halloween on M.A.C. Avenue 5-7 p.m. Oct. 30

Michigan State’s Greek Life hosts this event every year to provide a safe place for children to trick-or-treat and play games.

Senior Alexandra Scott is director of Safe Halloween and said she was the liaison between the Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council and helped run and plan the event.

“The event went amazing this year. The turnout was fantastic and everything ran extremely smooth. I want to say maybe 700-1,000 people came, and we had 10 registered student organizations come out along with all the Greek chapters, I think about 28 fraternities and 14 sororities,” Scott said.

Scott said they met weekly leading up to the event to plan.

“We had a budget of $9,000 and we were pretty on par with that. We planned every detail from closing the road to the activities each of the tables were doing. We have directors in charge of each aspect with their own committee to assist,” Scott said.

Alaina Pierson, a junior, said she participated by playing games with children and giving them candy.

“I had them do a ring toss onto a witch hat. I liked helping because I love hanging out with kids and seeing them happy when they got to get candy or play the games. Plus getting to seem them in all their costumes was super cute,” Pierson said.

Senior Chloe Mandarino said she helped run the game where they had to throw a ball onto a Velcro ghost.

“I loved helping out because it’s always fun to see all the little kids and families that dress up, and how excited they get when they make the ball onto the target. They get so excited for the prize and candy they get to win. It is also amazing to see how much Greek life gets excited to host this event, and how all-out they go for the event just to see the kids so happy,” Mandarino said.

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