A hike in voter registration may cause a hike in voter turn out

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Eli Pales life right now is full of plenty of coffee and lots of work.

“In previous years we just haven’ t had the people in place that cared enough about voter turn out,” said Pales. 

Historically voter turn out in midterm election is low, but this time we are seeing changes said Pales.

“We’ve gotten tons and tons of people registered. I’m hearing from the clerk that our voter reg numbers are gonna be on par with the 2016 general  election and that’s just absolutely insane,” he said.

In fact, Pales says voter registration will end up six times higher than the last midterms.

From on-campus to off-campus, Lansing City clerk, Chris Swope, will have his hands full these next few weeks.

“We’ve been very busy, we are on pace to issue more absentee ballots than we did in the presidential election,” said Swope. 

There’s many different reasons why some people decide not to vote.

“People sometimes don’t see the importance of it and you know politics can fade into the background people have busy, busy lives,” Swope said.

And according to Pales…

“There’s a lot of laws in place that are preventing students from turning out to vote.”

Now all Swope and Pales are waiting for are the results.midterm

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