Firefighter turned bakery owner serves up some serious dough at Glazed and Confused

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LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)- Pete Counseller loves doughnuts

“Trained as a paramedic and firefighter and that’s what I’ve done really for the last 22 years.”

“And about 2 years ago, fell and blew out a shoulder, ruptured achilles.”

Little did Counseller, owner and executive chef, know his previous culinary training would come back to use

“I always enjoyed cooking at the fire department. Always enjoyed baking as well and that’s kind of when I got the idea for donuts.”

Counseller took his passion and came up with a different idea to set him apart from others

“Long night at the fire department with a bunch of MSU students I thought they were all kind of glazed and confused.”

Counseller wasn’t impressed with other doughnut places and decided to spend 9 months handing out doughnuts for free to test out his idea before opening.

“We’ve been really fortunate. We’ve worked really really hard to make sure that we’ve delivered great product, we do everything from scratch.”

Not even open for a year, Counseller prides himself on doughnuts a big out of the ordinary…from creme brulee to a maple bacon bar

“Before I opened, literally they would come to me in my sleep.”

“Most people don’t even love their only career in their life, let alone love two careers in their life and I’m really very fortunate.”

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