Students Give Back Benefit Concert


The stage is set for DJ group Galantis to headline the first Students Give Back Benefit Concert, held by the Interfraternity Council. “I always had this kind of vision of an event that brought you know students together and it was just a fun time.” All the proceeds go to help the Flint water crisis. So far the event has raised around 3,000 dollars. Organizers say they were hoping for a better turnout.

Firefighter turned bakery owner serves up some serious dough at Glazed and Confused

LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)- Pete Counseller loves doughnuts

“Trained as a paramedic and firefighter and that’s what I’ve done really for the last 22 years.” “And about 2 years ago, fell and blew out a shoulder, ruptured achilles.” Little did Counseller, owner and executive chef, know his previous culinary training would come back to use

“I always enjoyed cooking at the fire department. Always enjoyed baking as well and that’s kind of when I got the idea for donuts.” Counseller took his passion and came up with a different idea to set him apart from others

“Long night at the fire department with a bunch of MSU students I thought they were all kind of glazed and confused.”

Twin sisters create own fashion business



EAST LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)- Ever since Abigail and Gabrielle Burbary were little, they knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs. “When we were 16, we came up with the idea and our parents really supported us in it, so from there we’ve just grown it ever since.” Their business, Bella Gemelli, meaning beauty of twins in Italian, is about designing their own clothing line

“It’s a boutique, and we’re moving from a boutique to our own designs. So it’s kind of just a brand of fashion and we want to start adding more lifestyle things in there.” As of now, they are in the process of designing the clothes through the Detroit based manufacturer Detroit Sewn.

Two student deaths from East Lansing High School in one month

EAST LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)- Sydney Zaban wanted to change people’s lives

“I’m not one hundred percent sure why this happened, but I feel that what she started needs to be finished.” Two days before taking her own life in January, her mother, Heather Zaban, said Sydney wrote down a list of goals

“Make 10 people smile, the long term one was make 10,000 people smile, save 5 lives, change people’s lives”

Sydney was bullied at her previous school and transferred as a freshman to East Lansing High School, but was bullied again

“When your child is the victim of bullying and you go to them about it, school officials, they never tell you what happens.” Sydney started a new medication for ADD in 2015 and one day the side effects caused her to break down in class. Another student captured the episode on video and sent it around school

“No idea if that kid got in trouble, or suspended, or what even happened to them, you don’t even know if their parents were called.” While officials at East Lansing High School declined to speak, we did find their anti-bullying policy online.

Michigan State University Strives to be the Healthiest Campus Through the Healthy Campus Initiative

EAST LANSING, Mich (FOCAL POINT)-  Communication Senior Matt Sturgeon likes to workout and is doing his best to stay healthy

“I think sometimes in the wintertime we get caught in a trap, its cold outside, you know don’t want to go to the gym or don’t feel motivated so much.” And University officials agree…that’s why they are launching the Healthy Campus Initiative. “How can we get people moving, how can we get people walking.” Recently appointed director of the HCI, Dr. Ed Rosick

“It’s just getting ideas”

Has already started strategic planning

“Coordinate and integrate all the health initiatives all the things that we are doing for health and wellness her on campus under the umbrella of Healthy Campus Initiative.” That focus is to make Michigan State the healthiest campus in the nation.