A drone ban could hinder local drone user

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Ryan Latourette uses drones almost every day to take photographs and videos of the Mid-Michigan area. And since he works right across from the capitol building, it is a common subject for his photographs.

Safety is a concern for him. Labourette does a preflight checklist every time he flies, making sure his batteries and props work properly. He also makes a concours effort to avoid people and property, but does not believe that a drone could do too much damage to a person.

“It could maybe bruise someone, or a drone with metal a metal prop could cut someone,” Latourette said. However, others are concerned about drones around the capitol building. Senator Rick Jones has put forward a bill that could ban drones around the capitol with a fine and possible jail time for violators.

Senator Jones says the legislature was suggested by the capitol commission, which works to preserve and renovate the capitol. Senator Jones also cited the construction going on to renovate the capitol as concerning for drones.

However, Latourette was not convinced. He says that there are already federal regulations for the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) that regulates the airspace and that Senators Jones new bill contradicts or overlaps them. For example, under Senator Jones new bill, a permit will be required to fly around the capitol, while the FAA is devising a new system of permits for drone users.




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