Family Matters at Roma Bakery

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Lansing’s Roma Bakery is a constantly buzzing place on Fat Tuesday, but it’s not the business impact that means the most to Mena and Sostine Castriciano, the couple that runs the bakery.

The impact of family and friends is what means the most to them. Roma needs extra help on hectic days like Fat Tuesday, and that’s where the impact is felt. As the customers flock to Roma to get their paczki fill before Lenten season begins, family and friends flock to Roma to help bake them.

“Last night we probably had 25 family and friends here packaging, and coating, and filling, and, you know, frying and baking the paczki,” said John Dann, who is a nephew of Mena and Sostine that was there to help out. Dann typically works as an insurance agent in Okemos.

Mena made it clear that she appreciates the support.

“We’re more excited because our friends,” Mena said. “I see my brother here all the time, we get together. Nieces, ‘Mena, you need some help? I’m coming over!” You know, that’s awesome for us. We’re known for that, you know? We Italian, we’re very close with people; your family, and then your friends.”

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