Record Number of MSU Freshmen

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Another fall semester, means another round of MSU freshmen and the summer heat has turned into a fall chill. Michigan State’s campus is alive again.

But it seems that sidewalks and roads are a little more crowded this year.

“I just noticed, like Shaw, and Farm Lane, those corners are always super busy, but I feel like they always are, so I haven’t really noticed much of a difference.” said MSU junior, Andrew Woodruff.
Director of Admissions, Jim Cotter said, “When you begin to look at some 12,000 plus international students being part of our freshmen class and some maybe as many as 950 domestic out of staters, add that to another 56,000 or whatever Michigan residents. I think all of those contribute to what has resulted in the largest freshmen class in the history of the university.”
But what did some of the freshmen have to say?
“I walk so, it takes a little bit more time to get to class.” said Michael Cooper.
Alex Dunckel said, “Yeah, I definitely finding myself using the roads a lot and stuff, just to avoid people.”
The traffic flow on campus isn’t the only change with this new incoming class of spartans.
“They’ve moved into rooms with two other people in most cases and they’ve found that those friendships are working well. I think we’ve been able to communicate early on to students in the transitional housing units that, that was going to be what they were faced with, they’ve received some economic breaks, if you will, in terms of decreased cost.” said Jim.
“Even living in a two person you have limited space, so three, I think, would be too many.” said Alex.
According to Jim, this increasing class size isn’t something that will necessarily continue.
“I think there comes a time when the university will need to sit and say ‘okay, exactly what’s the appropriate size for the incoming freshmen class as we move forward?’ Last year, the good new was we were somewhere around 7,800, this year we know were a little north of 8,000.” said Jim.
But for right now, it’s all about the spartan pride.
Jim said, “This fall class is the largest the university has ever experienced. In many, ways, I think, it truly does represent the popularity of Michigan State University.”
Along with the largest freshmen class admitted, nearly 30,000 students applied to MSU last year and that too, is a record.

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