Humans v. Zombies at MSU

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On Monday morning MSU Freshman Gus Kemper and 700 other MSU students dared not leave the house without a bandanna, Nerf gun and rolled up socks. These items were essential for Gus to survive the oncoming zombie apocalypse.

“I went out the day before and got a gun,” the computer since major said. “Got my Bandana. Got my cloths.  Knew where I was going to be. I was totally prepared.”

This year MSU  joins  colleges across the country,  hosting its  third annual Humans vs.  Zombie game. In the week long game zombies hope to make the humans extinct, while humans  are fighting to survive.  Ben Blaut is part of the group of students who started the at MSU game three years ago.

“If you compare it to tag zombies are it and once you’re it you’re always it,” he said.

Humans wear bandanas on their arms, Zombies on their head.  Humans  can protect themselves and temporarily stun Zombies by using either  a sock grenade or shooting them with a Nerf gun.

If a human is tagged, they are transformed into a zombie and must place their bandana on their head.

To incite contact between the two species the mission which resemble capture the flag are posted online for each night, but Ben warns that the key to survival for  humans is to not to get to confidant.

“If you’re a human you do really want to be paranoid, that’s rule number one,” he said.

This sentiment is echoed by the zombies.

“Watch out, because the zombies know where everyone goes and we’re going to find everyone by the end of this week,” Gus said.

Unfortunately Gus’  Monday preparation made little difference. Gus was turned into a Zombie on the first day. He never even had the chance to shoot his new gun.

” I was walking to class and I see this other human and I’m like he’s defiantly a human.” he said.  “On the the first day the ordinal Zombies are disguised as humans. He’s walking right alongside me slips off about a few seconds later I hear step step step tag. ”
Gus doesn’t mind being turned into a zombie. In fact, he likes being on what he predicts will be the winning team.

“Zombies are going to win,” Gus said. “If you’ve ever seen a zombie movie nobody ever make it to the end.”

For those humans who fail to survive may, they can improve their chance for next year by enrolling in a new summer course at MSU “ Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Catastrophes & Human Behavior.”

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