An Inside Look at Passover

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While the majority of local residents looked forward to church services, egg hunts and candy to celebrate Easter, others went out to buy to plenty of Matzoh.

“This is my favorite time,” said Ina Katz, a Jewish resident of West Bloomfield, Michigan. “Passover is a time where all my family comes together and I love that.”

Jewish people all around the world celebrated Passover, a holiday that remembers the Jewish people being freed from slavery from the Egyptians. As the story goes, the Jews were faced with ten plagues from Pharaoh but eventually escaped. Jewish people eat a hard cracker called Matzoh in place of bread during the eight day duration of the holiday because the Jews didn’t have time to bake their bread while hurrying to leave Egypt.

However, “keeping passover” isn’t always easy.

“I have no idea what i’m going to eat,” said 15-year-old Sam Silverstein. “It’s always really difficult because I am a picky eater and we have to be so strict to stay away from all bread products during this holiday.”

I had the opportunity to take the Focal Point cameras home to my family’s sedar service and dinner at my nana, Ina Katz’s, home. It was an exciting feast with plenty of laughter, songs and entertainment from the younger members of the family.

My dad, Rob Silverstein, made sure that the meaning of the holiday was not forgotten.

“It’s the same story that I was told as a little boy,” he said. “And it’s the same story I’m sure my children will tell their kids.”

However, several guests were most interested in Nana’s fabulous cooking.

“The best part of the holiday is my mom’s cooking,” said Beth Stone (my aunt). “She always makes the best food.”

Nana was so happy to have everyone together that she didn’t mind the thorough preparation that was involved.

“It took me two days to make all of the food,” said Katz. “And they’re going to eat it in twenty minutes.”

The holiday was a success and Focal Point’s viewers got a chance to see a real sedar in action.

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