Holt’s Relay for Life

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Holt’s Relay for Life will take place this June. However, participants have come together to share their stories and discuss how much money has been raised so far.

Tina Voss is one of the Cancer Action Network volunteers who knows the negative side of cancer because of her mother’s passing about a year ago. She is the woman in charge and finds relief in her ability to bring awareness to the positive side such as raising money. In anticipation for the event that will take place this summer, the volunteers attend events such as this one to discuss team initiatives and incentives.

One of the speakers was Life Care Minister Jeff Johnson. He shared with audience how he lost his wife to cancer. He has high hopes for the group.

“I hope that you walk for the survivors, so there be many more birthdays,” said Johnson. “I plan to attend the relay this year in honor of my wife… because cancer took her but it will not get the victory.”

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