Dec. 16, 2011 CNS Budget

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the final budget of the semester. Note that it is comprised of relatively timeless stories that moved earlier in the semester and that you may have missed or did not have the opportunity to immediately use. An exception is the last story regarding Lake Huron fish restoration that was produced by the J-School’s Great Lakes Echo news service that has not before moved on the CNS budget. (Budgets of previous weeks are archived at
IMMIGRANTS – Studies show that immigrants are twice as likely to start a business as other people so several Michigan agencies and public officials are welcoming them to spur economic growth. But at the same time advocates say that bills the Legislature could undermine that effort. By Jacob Kanclerz
WELLNESS– Employee incentives to stay well are improving health and cutting insurance costs, according to one Michigan insurer. Now Gov. Rick Snyder wants to encourage them for public and private employers across the state.  By Courtney Culey
PROMISEZONES—A group of people have figured out a way to offer free college to kids in the poorest sections of the state –just like the Kalamazoo Promise. The project, endorsed by Gov. Snyder, combines state and private money in order to help kids get out of poverty.  By Sam Inglot
PHYSICALEDUCATION – Fighting the obesity epidemic through more phys ed classes for younger children may be an idea whose time has come. A legislator from Detroit thinks so and has introduced a bill that would require schools to offer twice weekly gym classes for elementary kids and daily classes for middle schoolers. The state already requires one high school credit in phys ed. By Shannan O’Neil
SOLDIERHELP – A statewide program offers free legal help to military families with problems as diverse as securing powers of attorney, writing wills and disputes with landlords. By Nick McWherter
SYNTHETICDRUGS – New versions of dangerous synthetic drugs could be outlawed quickly after they’re invented under a proposal that would let state authorities act faster than the legislature. By Alex Mitchell
LAKEHURONFISH – Efforts to boost Lake Huron herring are stymied by an emerging fish disease. By Brian Bienkowski

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