Nov. 18, 2011 CNS Budget

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DEERFARM—Two state departments overseeing deer farms may be one too many. A bill would take the Department of Natural Resources out of the picture and leave it to the Agriculture folks. We talk to some folks who think the intense scrutiny blamed on disease is unwarranted. By Shannan O’Neil. FOR LUDINGTON AND ALL POINTS
DEER PROCESSING—The number of hunters and the number of deer killed are both down but deer processors in Holland and Allendale say their business has been steady for the last few years. By Alex Mitchell. FOR HOLLAND, BLISSFIELD, AND ALL POINTS
PROMISEZONES—A group of people have figured out a way to offer free college to kids in the poorest sections of the state –just like the Kalamazoo Promise. The project, endorsed by Gov. Snyder, combines state and private money in order to help kids get out of poverty.  By Sam Inglot.  FOR LUDINGTON, DETROIT, LANSING, SOUTH BEND AND ALL POINTS
REVENUESHARING—Some townships and municipalities will lose under the new revenue sharing restrictions and some won’t get any money at all. We hear from Marquette and Chocolay Township as well as state officials who help us understand how this works. By Jacob Kanclerz.  FOR AND ALL POINTS
EB5VISA—The state hopes to attract international entrepreneurs with money if they can start a business and guarantee ten new jobs. Some say that’s like buying your way into a green card.  By Courtney Culey.  FOR BIG RAPIDS AND ALL POINTS
FORESTSFUTURE—Michigan is adopting a program to help private landowners pass the family forest to the next generation. It starts with the conversation and planning. What happens to your land after you’re gone? By Brian Bienkowski. FOR TRAVERSE CITY, CHEBOYGAN, CADILLAC AND ALL POINTS.
NEWFLOWER—A new kind of flower only found on Isle Royale has been identified as a species. The small yellow flowers grow on stalks between one and three feet tall. By Carol Thompson. FOR MARQUETTE, ST. IGNACE, CHEBOYGAN, PETOSKEY, AND ALL POINTS.

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