Nov. 11, 2011 CNS Budget

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ROADFUNDS— About 100 small Michigan towns could lose control of state road funds under a government-streamlining effort proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder. Some local officials fear the shift to county control of the money could mean loss of funding for their road priorities. Story contains list of communities at risk of losing control of the funds. By Sam Inglot.  FOR LUDINGTON AND ALL POINTS COVERING COMMUNITIES ON ACCOMPANYING LIST
WELLNESS— Employee incentives to stay well are improving health and cutting insurance costs, according to one Michigan insurer. Now Gov. Rick Snyder wants to encourage them for public and private employers across the state.  By Courtney Culey. FOR ALL POINTS
CORRECTIONS— Despite lowering the population and reigning in costs, Michigan prisons continue to take an enormous bite out of the state budget. That has sparked employer and other groups worried about high taxes to address the issue. But some law enforcement organizations fear such groups lack a broad enough understanding of the victim and criminal justice issues that are involved. By Jacob Kanclerz. FOR ALL POINTS
UNEMPLOYMENTINSURANCE— Lawmakers are considering bonds to pay off Michigan’s nation-leading unemployment compensation debt. Businesses say the interest and penalties associated with it are harming their bottom lines. By Alex Mitchell. FOR BLISSFIELD, HOLLAND, GRAND RAPIDS AND ALL POINTS
GUNS— Employers couldn’t ban workers from bringing legally permitted guns to work under a bill in the Michigan legislature. Business groups say it is an employer’s rights and security issue, especially at factories that are sensitive targets.  By Nick McWherter. FOR ALL POINTS
FRACKING— Democratic lawmakers are pushing for stricter regulations and more research of a process of injecting water and chemicals deep into Michigan to produce hard-to-reach natural gas. They say it threatens water quality and supply. But state regulators and industry officials say the process is already sufficiently regulated. By Paige Houpt. FOR ALL POINTS
PARKS— Recent recognition as the nation’s best park system has Michigan officials hoping for a boost in tourism. By Shannan O’Neil.  FOR TRAVERSE CITY, PETOSKEY, HOLLAND, GRAND RAPIDS, LUDINGTON AND ALL POINTS.

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