Oct. 21, 2011 CNS Budget

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Oct. 21, 2011 – Week 7
CYBER – School reform could boost number of students in Michigan cyber-schools. By Nick McWherter. FOR ALL POINTS
CROOKSONWELFARE – It’s harder for Michigan crooks to collect welfare and easier to catch them under a new state law allowing state police and welfare officials to link databases. By Paige Houpt. FOR ALL POINTS
BUSLIGHTS – Cash-strapped schools using public buses to move students are pushing to require them to have flashing red lights like yellow school buses. But some critics say that is unsafe and contrary to federal law. And they question if schools should be allowed to transport students on public transit. By Alex Mitchell. FOR TRAVERSE CITY, HARBOR SPRINGS, PETOSKEY, BIG RAPIDS, GRAND RAPIDS. , AND ALL POINTS
RENEWABLE – Manufacturers are banking that renewable energy can renew Michigan’s economy. By Jacob Kanclerz. FOR HOLLAND, ALL POINTS
BULLYING – Attempts to create a statewide law against bullying in schools have once again stalled, leaving Michigan as one of three states without an anti-bullying law. But supporters are trying again amidst concerns that such a policy should be a local issue. By Shannan O’Neil.  FOR CADILLAC, TRAVERSE CITY
RECREATIONPASSPORT – Michigan motorists opting for a state park pass when they register their vehicles have raised nearly $19 million for the cash-strapped system. It’s a win-win, state officials say. Motorists pay less, the state gets more. By Nick McWherter. FOR CADILLAC, ALPENA, LUDINGTON, and ALL POINTS
CHILDABDUCTION – Courts could stop parents from abducing their own children under recently proposed legislation. The trick is to stop the crime before it happens. By Courtney Culey.  FOR ALL POINTS
EMERGENCYCONTRACEPTION – Sexual assault victims could be given emergency contraception if a recent bill passes, but getting it approved is an uphill battle. It’s an idea that’s been around for at least a decade. By Courtney Culey. FOR ALL POINTS.

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