Sept. 16, 2011 CNS Budget

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Sept. 16, 2011 – Week 2
To: CNS Editors
From: David Poulson & Sheila Schimpf
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METH – Michigan pharmacies will soon improve their tracking of the cold medicines you buy in an effort to rein in rising methamphetamine abuse. Ingredients in the medicines are used to make the illegal drug that is on the rise in Michigan. Officials say the new system is particularly useful for tracking purchases in communities near the borders of other states. By Nick McWherter. FOR SOUTH BEND, STURGIS, THREE RIVERS AND ALL POINTS
STOPPED – Local schools are increasingly adopting a statewide program that prompts police officers to call the parents of young drivers who are pulled over for any reason – even if they don’t get a ticket. A sticker in the windshield of the car, which is sometimes simply a school parking permit, triggers the call in an effort to improve driver safety. By Courtney Culey. FOR INGHAM AND KENT COUNTIES AND ALL POINTS
BESTPRACTICES – Local school officials are competing for a $100 a pupil bonus in state funding. To get the funds that help offset dwindling state support, districts need to adopt a series of “best practices” to improve efficiency and cost-savings. By Jacob Kanclerz. FOR MARQUETTE, ST. IGNACE AND ALL POINTS.
COLLEGEFUNDS – A new federal initiative could mean millions of dollars in construction funds for Michigan community colleges. It could help spur job growth by investing in an aging system in need of help. By Sam Inglot. FOR GRAND RAPIDS, ALLENDALE AND ALL POINTS
NOFAULTINSURANCE – State lawmakers are considering the elimination of Michigan’s no-fault insurance law. Supporters say it will let drivers opt out of costly insurance. Opponents say it threatens Medicaid and the stability of the auto insurance system. By Paige Houpt. FOR ALL POINTS.
MEDMARIJUANA – It’s not just the status of dispensaries that is uncertain about Michigan’s medical marijuana law. Police say ambiguities are diverse as enforcement after traffic stops and whether it’s allowed in federal housing. By Alex Mitchell. FOR ALL POINTS
SAFETY – Are Michigan residents any safer 10 years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks? Police officials say the state has lost more than 4,000 officers during that period. By Shannan O’Neil. FOR ALL POINTS
SCHOOLSCORES – Lawmakers are pushing to exempt from standardized test results the scores of students who are learning English. They fear such students could target some schools as failing under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. That could put a school at risk for closure or for getting taken over by state officials. By Melissa J.L. Crawford. FOR STURGIS AND ALL POINTS.
HEALTHCARECAP – Supporters of a bill to cap health care costs of public employees say it’s a help to taxpayers. But opponents claim it harms the economy by cutting into discretionary income. By Courtney Culey. FOR ALL POINTS.
BEACHDRAINS – Storm drains and Michigan beaches are an unhealthy combination that local officials are addressing with sewage-sniffing dogs and hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds. While state officials inventory just where the two meet – including those at state parks – local authorities consider creative solutions for costly fixes. By Rachael Gleason. FOR MARQUETTE, HOLLAND, TRAVERSE CITY AND ALL POINTS.

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