Recreation improvements expected by 2013

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Jennifer Bis
Mason Times staff writer

Hayhoe Riverwalk, August 2009: Photo taken by Franklin Campbell

Mason is working together in a big way to improve the city through an extensive planning process known as the Five-Year Recreation Plan, which began in 2008.

“We’ve made a set of goals and objectives we find important for the improvement of the city,” said David Haywood, Zoning and Development director. “The project focuses on maintaining already existing recreational facilities throughout Mason.”

A recent development has been the completion of phases I and II of expanding the Hayhoe Riverwalk, extending north to south 2.5 miles through the middle of town.

“I think making improvements in Mason such as the Riverwalk project would create a more family-friendly atmosphere,” said Tony Moulton, 20, a resident of Mason and a student at Central Michigan University.

The Hayhoe Riverwalk will be a completely paved path.

Other major plans for the city include development of the schools, city land, wetlands, city roads, and conservation services.

“It’s a great idea to come up with a plan like this to fix up our city because I feel that Mason really needs it,” said Tom O’Brien, 20, also a resident of Mason and student at CMU.

Built around historic lands and buildings, Mason provides its community and visitors with a sense of quality and uniqueness.

For information, check out Mason’s official website.

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