Main Street Becomes Malcolm X Street

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In the past five years, Ammahad Shekarakki , says that he has only missed about two Lansing City Council Meetings. He’s attended, asking the city for a number of things, from buildings to monuments, all to honor one, in his eyes, special person.

According to Shekarakki, “We don’t have anything that the state or the city has named after Malcolm.” Spending his Monday nights in the Council Chambers became well worth it recently when his application to change Lansing’s Main Street to Malcolm X Street was approved with a 5-2 vote.

The decision wasn’t a happy ending for everyone however as the businesses on Main Street will be expected to change all stationary and signage to say Malcolm X Street within one year.

Owners of 206 East Main Street Apartments refused an on-camera interview blaming fear but did state, “they no longer believed in the system”. According to Councilmember Carol Wood, information on the application was available for 90 days, all residents and businesses along Main Street were notified and the amount of negative feedback never outweighed those who were in favor of the change. Focal Point’s Jazmin Bailey has the story.


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