Marty Berman

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As a senior journalism student, Marty Berman is excited to get out in the real world and report the news. That’s one path… He is also interested in documentary filmmaking which he finds to be similar to journalism. Basically, Marty would love his job to be finding, covering and creatively portraying the interesting stories of the world.

Until then, Marty is enjoying his last year at MSU while working at P.F. Chang’s, making a documentary and producing a news talk show called The Reaction.

His work experience includes internships at WLAJ ABC 3 News and National Geographic Television. He has also worked with MSU&U, The State News and Focal Point.
Marty enjoys playing, writing and listening to music, a good meal with good people and traveling. He dislikes war, mean people and writing about himself in the third person.

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