Petra Mandic

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Petra Mandic is a senior at Michigan State University graduating this December with a BA in journalism.  Her journalism career started at her high school newspaper, where she took on the role as editor-in-chief. Shortly after, she interned for “Healthy & Fit” magazine in Lansing, where she combined her love of fitness with her love of writing and soon got her first article published. As a young girl Petra dreamed of a magazine career in the big city with bright lights, that is, until she got to college and enrolled in her first broadcasting class.

Her work experience includes interning at Clear Channel Radio with WSNX morning show in Grand Rapids and currently working with Focal Point at MSU. Petra is very excited to be part of the Focal Point newsroom and is looking forward to challenging herself and honing her broadcasting skills.

She is fluent in both English and Serbo-Croatian. Petra hopes to pursue a career as a foreign news correspondent on a major network such as CNN. She would also love to one day anchor CBS Evening News because she says that Katie Couric won’t be around forever and she can’t think of anyone better as her replacement.

When Petra is not consumed with work, she enjoys going for long runs, reading good books, and spending time with her family. She wants her life to be filled with love, laughter, and many travels.

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