Simulated Newsroom Day 1

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Tomorrow is our first simulated newsroom day with Focal Point. I’m excited! I think it’ll be a long day but by now our group has learned a lot and we’re all aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We’ve also become used to the editing equipment and rundown, so hopefully that’ll make things run smoothly. I’m sure it’ll still be stressful but I love the teamwork of our staff, even when busy with something of their own, everyone is still so eager to help one another.

I’m excited to anchor with Nick! He’s the newsroom tech go-to.  I’m interested to see how this will work. I’m used to working in a newsroom setting at my internships, going out with the reporters and covering the stories, but they work as a team to get everything done by the time they go on the air. The professionals have mastered the art of deadlines being that they have them every day! Deadlines are my favorite part of news. And my least favorite part at the same time. I like working under pressure and it forces me to get stuff done, but it can be stressful, too. Especially if there’s a glitch in your day. And I’ve witnessed a lot of glitches. At that point it comes down to how well you can work under pressure. As long as we all have some food in us and positive attitudes, I think everything should go well!

Good luck everyone and be sure to tune into our show on WKAR!

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