And So It Begins

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The semester is finally kicking into gear. Some of us have already had exams, papers, projects, procrastination, all-nighters and anxiety come and go.

Here at Focal Point, we’re preparing for our first show of the semester. It’s a different type of assignment and a different type of stress. Given the task of coming up with our first stories to air, I decided to dig into my past and pull a story out of the depths of my past mistakes.

Anyone who knows me, knows I may or may not have a problem handling money. I’ve struggled with my bank account since I hit college, leaving my life of paid for gas, free laundry and free meals, behind. Working lucrative summer jobs had given my high school years a sense of carefree, limitless financial opportunity. As it turns out, college requires more than just showing up for class; it requires textbook money, gas money, laundry money and grocery money. Money I thought I had. My bank account dwindled down to zero within the first semester, a pattern that would sadly repeat itself for years to come.

Now, almost four years later, it has been brought to my attention (four years too late), that MSU offers emergency short-term loans to students. It has become my goal, to try and shoot a story about the loan system for MSU students, hopefully sparing students some of the trouble I have found myself in during my stay at college. It’s still in the early stages of development, but I think it’s a story the general student body would love to know.

So begins my attempt to produce a story that might help another financially-strapped student,


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