Anthony Allen Pollreisz Joins Michigan State University’s Focal Point This Fall

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Anthony Allen Pollreisz is many things – a human, an omnivore, a low-level philanthropist, a thinker, an avid user of Microsoft Word, and, above all, a spectacular sports public address announcer.

Now, Pollreisz will add one more bullet-point to his areas of expertise: TV journalist.

Starting this fall, Pollreisz will join the Emmy Award-winning Focal Point, Michigan State University’s source for news on television.

“I’m excited,” Pollreisz said in a press conference on Saturday. “What more can I say?”

The journey for Pollreisz has been long and strange. Beginning in the northern river-city of Soldotna, Alaska, Pollreisz became an avid listener of local radio. This interest would blossom into a freelance career.

And from that freelance career, Pollreisz, somehow, became a public address announcer. Fast forward to today, and Pollreisz is considered to be one of the best sports public address announcers not only in the Alaska Baseball League, where Pollreisz works during the summer, but one of the best public address announcers within the state.

“But even though I’ve had varied success elsewhere, I understand it’s time for me to try on a new hat and pair of slacks,” Pollreisz said, somewhat ironically. Pollreisz has a vehement aversion toward both hats and pants.

Pollreisz is currently a near-Senior at MSU, and he’s a proud Spartan, drenching himself in green and white for football and hockey games on campus. But Pollreisz possesses many other interests, including the commercial aviation industry, college hockey as a whole, long walks on the tundra, cooking near-inedible dinners, watching old game shows and sleeping in.

“That said, I’m pretty boring,” Pollreisz reassures.

Focal Point will not be Pollreisz’s first foray into visual media arts, as Pollreisz has composed stories for assorted classes at MSU in the past, and Pollreisz was once a webcast director in high school.

But Pollreisz is ready for the new challenge.

“I’m ready for the new challenge,” Pollreisz said.

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