East Lansing pleased fire funds restored

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Capital News Service
LANSING — The City of East Lansing is pleased to receive the fire-protection grant because of its importance to the community.
“The city of East Lansing spends about $ 5 million dollars a year on fire protection each year, which $920,000 is provided by the state for fire protection at Michigan State University.
East Lansing has two fire stations: one on North Abbott Road, and the other on Shaw Lane on MSU campus.
“Without the fire-protection grant the station could have closed or seen a reduction of services” said Randy Talifarro, East Lansing fire chief.
“Shaw station represents 35 percent of the East Lansing fire department.”
“The fire-protection grant is way for the state to provide annual appropriation to cities and townships like East Lansing that have state university facilities” said Donald J. Stypula , manager of Environmental Affairs Division at Michigan Municipal League, which lobbies on behalf of cities and villages throughout the state. ”
“The money that the state appropriates must be used for fire protection” he said.
The fire-protection grant was vetoed this summer by Gov. Engler, but was restored by the legislature and signed by Engler on Sept 30.
“If the fire-protection grant was not restored many firefighters would have lost their jobs, ” Talifarro said.
State Senator Dianne Byrum, D- Onondaga, said “The fire-protection grant is important, because without it response would have significant lag and translate into individual security and potential for greater loss.”
“The fire-protection grant offsets the cost of responding and is necessary to the state, Michigan University, and state complexes and buildings.”
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