Sept. 20, 2002 CNS Budget

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Messages to the Editors
SAD NOTE: Funeral services will be held Saturday for Jim Heil, Holland Sentinel news editor, who drowned last weekend in a kayak accident in Lake Michigan. Jim, 40, was a Capital News Service correspondent in 1983, covering the U.P. Before joining the Sentinel, he was a reporter for several years for the Petoskey News-Review, another CNS member paper. In addition to Saturday’s service in Holland, a memorial service also will be held Sunday in Petoskey.
BUDGETS: Our group interview with state budget officials sparked several stories for now and later, including pieces on fire-protection grants, school aid, and the state’s early-out retirement program.
CITIES NEXT: Michigan Municipal League leaders will provide our group interview Monday, answering questions about roads, trash, sewers and more. Let your correspondent know if you have a query.
Articles for week of Friday, Setember 20, 2002
EDUCATION — While other programs are being cut or frozen, Michigan’s public schools and colleges face the new state budget year relatively intact. By Stella Thevenin. FOR EAST LANSING, MIDLAND & ALL POINTS.
EARLYOUT — State government really doesn’t have a “brain drain” because of the early-out retirement program, officials insist, even though more workers are leaving than expected. By Danny Layne. FOR LANSING & ALL POINTS.
FIREGRANT — Carson City’s volunteer fire department is small, but the $2,000 it hopes to get from the state to protect state buildings is important. By Aleks Tapinsh. FOR GREENVILLE.
UNINVITEDGUEST — Asian carp are about to invade the Great Lakes and there’s not much hope of stopping them, state officials admit. By Matt Furst. FOR HOLLAND & ALL POINTS.
ENERGY — A proposal to establish an “alternative-energy zone” is advancing in the Legislature, although the Monroe area site originally specified in the measure is gone. By Krista Chambers. FOR THREE RIVERS & ALL POINTS.
PRESCHOOLPROGRAM — A cut in state funding for a pre-school program is distressing some Higland Park parents who depend on the help. By Katie Morell. FOR MICHIGAN CITIZEN.
HEALTHCARE — A trade group is pushing a House bill to help cut the soaring costs of health insurance for small-business employees. By Stella Thevenin. For EAST LANSING & ALL POINTS.

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