Apr. 5, 2002 CNS Budget

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Messages to the Editors

HIGHER ED: Our group interview this week was with Glenn Stevens, executive director of the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan. His comments are reflected in two of the stories below. No group interview is scheduled for Monday, April 8, so if you have something in mind for your correspondent, please make contact.

Articles for week of Friday, April 5, 2002

  • DIVERSITY — A key to success in college for minority students is to have been challenged intellectually by a high-quality curriculum in high school. A coalition representing Michigan’s 15 state universities wants to help high schools recognize that need. By Maureen O’Hara. FOR MIDLAND.

  • DIVERSITYINVESTMENTS — Investing in education can pay dividends for minority students who go on to college, thereby increasing diversity on campuses and eventually in workplaces. By Audrey L. Barney. FOR LANSING, EAST LANSING & ALL POINTS.

  • QUARTERS — A Cass County teacher played a key role in picking the top five quarter designs for Michigan. By Catherine Byrne. FOR SOUTH BEND.

  • UPCOLLEGES — Early approval of the state budget for higher education — which keeps funding at last year’s level — is welcomed by Upper Peninsula universities, but tuition boosts are still likely. By Chris Yagelo. FOR UPPER PENINSULA & ALL POINTS.

  • ORGANIC — Outlets for organic food in Michigan get most of their produce from Arizona and California, but there is a growing number of certified organic farms in Michigan. Some efforts to promote organic farming are under way. By Tracey Glazener. FOR LUDINGTON, MONROE, C&G & ALL POINTS.

  • WOMENSHEARTS — Are women dying of heart disease at a higher rate than men because of misdiagnosis? CNS correspondent Wanda Reese, whose sister knew the signs of heart attack, but eventually died, explores the question in an in-depth feature. By Wanda Reese. FOR LANSING, UPPER PENINSULA & ALL POINTS.
  • MINORITYHEALTH — Serious disparities exist in health care for majority and minority populations in Michigan, according to research conducted in support of a bill introduced to improve the health of minorities. By Wanda Reese. FOR LANSING & ALL POINTS.
  • LOOPTHECAPITOL — The Michigan Lupus Foundation held a “Loop the Capitol” rally to raise awareness of lupus, so people like Vicky Block of Berrien County would know sooner why she broke out in red bumps. By Catherine Byrne. FOR SOUTH BEND.
  • CYBERCOURT — The state Supreme Court is venturing into the cyber space age and wants to hear positive and negative opinions about handling cases in a “virtual courtroom.” By Audrey L. Barney. FOR GREENVILLE & ALL POINTS.

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