Apr. 19, 2002 CNS Budget

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Messages to the Editors

DNR STORIES: DNR Director K.L. Cool sparked several stories in our interview, including pieces on improvement projects in state parks, a proposed amendment to the state constitution for natural resources, and fears over a bass disease.

IN-DEPTHERS: It’s in-depth week and we have six stories covering: Farm preservation efforts, Project Fresh for low-income families’ food, teacher quality and pay, overweight Michiganians, environmental vandalism in a state wildlife refuge, and underage drinking.

COMMUNITY HEALTH NEXT: Community Health Director James K. Haveman Jr. will be our next — and final — newsmaker for the semester. We’re expecting to quiz him about mental health services, inoculations, MI Family program and other subjects.

FINAL WEEK AHEAD: Next week is the last week of MSU classes and therefore of the CNS term. Please tell your correspondents ASAP if you still have something you want covered by then before we break for the summer.

Articles for week of Friday, April 19, 2002

  • INTERNETPREACHER — David Mikosz, a Sterling Heights High School and Michigan State University graduate, is preaching the gospel of free access to the Internet as he trains journalists and students in Central Asian nations. By Eric Freedman. FOR MACOMB, C&G, ROMEO, LANSING, EAST LANSING & ALL POINTS. (W/PHOTO MIKOSZ).

  • UNDERAGEDRINKING — Michigan college officials say they unfortunately agree with a national study showing underage drinking a serious problem. By Audrey Barney. FOR GREENVILLE & ALLPOINTS.

  • BASS — Largemouth bass virus is detected for the first time in Michigan, stirring more DNR efforts to screen and control more incursions. By Maureen O’Hara. FOR ALL POINTS.

  • DNRAMENDMENT — Key conservation and environmental groups are optimistic that voters will approve a proposed constitutional amendment for the Natural Resources Trust Fund. By Chris Yagelo. FOR LANSING & ALL POINTS.

  • CMI — State parks will be under construction in many places this summer, but officials contend visitors will like the changes and put up with temporary inconveniences. By Tracey Glazener. FOR LUDINGTON & ALL POINTS.

  • SECURITYGUARDS — Legislation to impose new standards for security guards is a response to headlines cases of alleged abuse, but some wonder if the measures would go too far. By Allison Miriani. FOR HOLLAND, HILLSDALE & ALL POINTS.
  • MINERALAUCTION — Auction of leases for oil and gas development will build funds to develop state and local recreation projects. By Elizabeth Daneff. FOR LEELANAU, TRAVERSE CITY, GRAYLING, MANISTEE, LUDINGTON, GREENVILLE, CADILLAC, HILLSDALE & MIDLAND.

In-depth articles for week of Friday, April 19, 2002:

  • FARMPRESERVATION — Officials and farmers are concerned that even more Michigan farmland is being swallowed up by urban sprawl and a new law may help stem that tide. By Elizabeth Daneff. FOR STURGIS, THREE RIVERS, TRAVERSE CITY, MONROE & ALL POINTS.
  • PROJECTFRESH — Low-income families are eligible now for coupons to get farm produce, under a state program designed to help women and children. By Tracey Glazener. FOR MANISTEE, GRAYLING CADILLAC & ALL POINTS.
  • TEACHERS — Surveys are showing that Michigan ranks high in student achievement and teacher salaries, but, according to one study, low in teacher quality. By Maureen O’Hara. FOR C&G, MACOMB & ALL POINTS.
  • OVERWEIGHT — State officials aren’t surprised of new data showing Michigan residents are overweight compared with the national average, but that’s underscoring their efforts to do something about the heavy problem. By Allison Miriani. FOR ROMEO, GRAND RAPIDS, TRAVERSE CITY & ALL POINTS.
  • ENVIRONMENTALVANDALISM — State conservation officials are puzzled and disturbed that vandals drained a marsh set aside for migrating birds. By Catherine Byrne. FOR SOUTH BEND, MACOMB & ALL POINTS.

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