Hydrophones can hear fish spawning

By STEVEN MAIER Capital News Service LANSING — What does a hurricane sound like from underwater? Researchers may soon find out after recovering listening devices they had planted off the coast of Puerto Rico in a test that could lead … Continue reading →

What Will the Senate Tax Bill Do to Graduate Students?

In a series of shocking twists and turns, Senate Republicans were able to pass their tax bill, their first legislative victory of the year. The Senate Tax bill calls for a mass overhaul of the American tax code. Everything from tax brackets, health care to graduate student loan rates were touched upon.


High school sports with the most head injuries, 2016-17. (2015-16) in parentheses. Boys 11-player football – 1,647 (1,907) Soccer – 207 (269) Basketball – 168 (247) Wrestling – 251 (245) Ice Hockey – 124 (126) Girls Basketball – 371 (454) … Continue reading →

Dec. 1, 2017 – CNS Budget

Dec. 1, 2017 — Week 13 To: CNS Editors From: David Poulson and Sheila Schimpf http://news.jrn.msu.edu/capitalnewsservice/ For technical problems, contact CNS technical manager Tony Cepak at (517) 803-6841 or  cepak@msu.edu. For other matters, contact David Poulson: poulsondavid@gmail.com. Here is your … Continue reading →