Phone scam warning from Ingham County Sheriff's Office

By Griffin Wasik
Ingham County Chronicle Staff Reporter

MASON — Ingham County Sheriff Gene L. Wriggelsworth is warning residents of a phone scam where two victims have lost a total of $800. Even though the number on your caller ID may be the same number as the sheriff’s office, do not be fooled. The suspect uses a phone application where it disguises, or uses another phone number and identity, Wriggelsworth said. “It’s typically a male subject who has a foreign accent and he identifies himself from the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office,” Lt. Dennis Hull, of the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office, said. “He’s using a spoof app.

Lansing City Council members struggle to deal with snow cleanup as temperatures plunge

During the public comment session, some citizens expressed frustration with maneuvering around the areas in Lansing where the snow seems to pile up around the most. “It’s definitely been annoying how much snow has buildup,” Shay Cameron, a Lansing resident said. “But I understand how hard it may be to clean it all up.”

Cameron, who has two young children at home, considers it very difficult to drop her kids off at school in the morning. “It’s especially hard when you have elementary-aged students,” Cameron said. “Sometimes I can’t even see over large piles of snow when I drive, and I fear for the safety of my kids when they walk on icy sidewalks.”

In some areas, the snow is so high it obstructs the vision of drivers and pedestrians alike.