Granger Trash Service to offer curbside recycling to customers

By Anna Shaffer
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Residents of Delhi Township who have Granger Trash Service will be eligible for street-side recycling at no additional charge beginning in June 2016. Currently, street-side recycling is offered to customers as an additional charge service. Granger also offers a drop-off service free of charge to customers where they can bring sorted recyclables to the Granger Recycling Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program will be offered to customers in single-family homes, and will not include customers who receive their trash service through a contract such as a homeowners’ or condo association, according to a press release issued by Granger. “I definitely think this will increase the amount of recycling in Delhi,” said Evan Hope, trustee for Delhi Township.

'A Trashy Situation'

 LANSING – One may notice the new green eye sores that temporarily line the streets of Old Town. The neighborhood of Old Town has been experiencing a trash issue, brought to the attention of the Old Town Commercial Association by its staff members. Old Town hosts many festivals and events throughout the year that produce a lot of waste. The only trash cans installed were ones funded by the OTCA. Since the organization is non-profit and has a small budget, the number of trash bins was minimal, due to the bins costing $400 apiece.