Changes occurring on the Lansing Township Board of Trustees

By Grant Essenmacher
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

The Lansing Township Board of Trustees has made changes at its supervisor position. Kathy Rodgers, who served as the supervisor for three years and held public office for 30 years, retired on Feb. 29. The board has elected Trustee Diontrae Hayes to serve the remainder of Rodgers term, which ends in November. They now have an open trustee position, and are accepting applications for that position until March 18.

Interim supervisor looks to township’s future

By Rachel Beard
Lansing Township News Staff Reporter

This November, Lansing Township voters will be voting for more than just a new president of the United States. They’ll also be voting for a new supervisor for the township. On Feb. 26, Kathleen Rodgers served her last day as the Lansing Township supervisor after more than 27 years in township government. Former board of trustees member Diontrae Hayes took her place on Feb.