Despite $1.2 billion state road fund, don’t expect better Lansing streets this year

By Alexander Smith
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s signing of a $1.2 billion road funding package in 2015 is good news for Michigan’s roads. Most notably, the package will raise the fuel tax and the cost of vehicle registration to put toward road repair. For Lansing’s streets, those repairs are long overdue. “They’re okay, they could use some improvement though,” said Preston Nowsch, 22. “I know every day coming down Grand River, I have to be in a particular lane to miss out on a pothole.”

Lansing adopted the Pavement Surface Evaluation & Rating System in 2002 to grade local roads.

Lansing Street in St. Johns soon to see repairs

By Kenedi Robinson
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

ST. JOHNS — The city of St. Johns is beginning a project to redo Lansing Street to make it more traveler-friendly, officials said. According to Dave Kudwa, Community Development Director of St. Johns, this is roughly a $575,000 project due to start somewhere around the end of March.

Improvements coming to crosswalks around DeWitt

By Andrew Hayes
Clinton County Chatter

DEWITT- The concrete around the brick crosswalks in downtown DeWitt has become uneven and made for a bumpy drive through town. The city has been in talks to fix the 20-year-old concrete at various intersections that has begun to expand due to harsh weather conditions, according to DeWitt City Administrator Daniel Coss. “We patch it every year,” said Department of Public Services Supervisor Rich Miller. “It’s deteriorating faster than I expected with the bad couple of winters we’ve had.”

Miller said he was hoping the city would get five years out of the current crosswalks before they find a more long-term solution but he was uncertain if the concrete would last that long.