City thanks DeWitt School Board for support of drainage cleaning grant

By Kamen Kessler
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

City of DeWitt Administrator Dan Coss held a presentation at the Nov. 9 DeWitt School Board meeting to thank the board for their support of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality grant that the city recently got approved. The $1.5 million project is for the inspection and cleaning of all the drainage systems in the city of DeWitt, focusing more on the stormwater system rather than the sanitation one, according to Coss. The grant is worth around $1.3 million with the city paying the other $200,000 for the project, according to Coss. Coss said, “The stormwater system is one of the things we have the least information on in the city, and this will help us better understand everything about it.”

The schools support was vital because some of the stormwater systems are on the school grounds, so for approval of the grant, it was important to have the backing of the school board, according to Coss.

Museum to highlight Michigan's legacy of stormy weather

Capital News Service
LANSING – Almost a century ago, two intense storms merged to form a massive, deadly blizzard that ravaged most of the Great Lakes – and almost everything in, on and around them. The hurricane-force winds were so violent that the storm killed more than 200 sailors and caused millions of dollars in damages. That tragedy, the Great Storm of 1913, stands as one of the defining moments in Michigan’s weather history. Alongside other Michigan weather history events, people can reexamine that storm in the Michigan Historical Museum’s upcoming exhibit, “Lake Effects,” set to debut Oct. 5.