A fatal shooting in Lansing raises concerns about Old Town’s bar scene

By Diane Paik
Old Town Staff Writer

The fatal shooting of a man on November 10, 2011 outside of The Loft in downtown Lansing raises questions about an apparent link between violence and the local bar scene, raising questions about whether Old Town has reason to worry about similar incidents.  







The police have named the man in question for shooting and killing 35-year-old Ygnacio “Notch” Bermudez Jr. According to the Lansing State Journal, a felony warrant has been issued for Richard Anthony Strong. This incident of violence is a concern from the community as it raises concerns about public safety and security around nightlife. Old Town has a few bars and clubs of its own, including the most prominent, Spiral Dance Bar. Known for its gay friendly environment, the club holds lots of events, drawing in a diverse crowd.