Team members assemble for the Annual Old Town Scrapfest

Victoria Bowles

Old Town Lansing Staff Writer

Team members assemble for the annual Old Town Scrapfest

OLD TOWN LANSING — The Old Town Commercial Association is accepting team applications for those willing to transform 500 pounds of scrap metal into a work of art. The Old Town Scrapfest will begin on May 31, and after collecting 500 pounds of scrap metal, teams will have two weeks to complete their sculpture, said Louise Gradwohl executive director of the Old Town Commercial Association. David Such, the creator of Old Town’s Scrapfest who has a passion for art, said his brother who made art form scrap helped inspire him. I had an older brother who made art from scrap, Such said, I thought Scrapfest would be a great opportunity for Old Town to make some art. The Business of Scrap

David Such approached us and asked if we would be willing to sponsor the event, and it was a great opportunity, said Michael Bass of Friedland Industries.