DeWitt Public Schools approve new gun restrictions

By Connor Clark
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DeWitt Public School’s Board of Education unanimously approved a new gun policy that bans administrators from carrying a firearm on school grounds. “Right now we have a policy for students and faculty, but not administrators,” board member Sarah Hartman said. Superintendent of Dewitt Public Schools, Dr. John Deiter believes that guns in school provide a false sense of security and may cause more problems than solve. “Administrators haven’t had the same level of training of police personnel,” Deiter said. “Lock it down… how do you expect to confront an armed subject for something you are not trained to do, and win?” City of DeWitt Police Chief Bruce Ferguson said.

As national school violence increases, Holt looks to stay safe

By Catherine Ferland
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

While studies still support the idea that a child is safer in school than they are in a car, the rising rate of acts of violence in school still raises red flags for some. Acts of school violence can occur anywhere and can have many different causes, making them difficult to track and study. So what can schools do to stay safe? For the Holt School District, most doors are locked with security cameras. The school resource officer, Mary Hull, a local deputy, is on-call for the district’s eleven different buildings.