Old bikes get recycled into burgeoning rental programs

Capital News Service
LANSING — As the number of abandoned bikes grows on college campuses, bike rental programs flourish. In New York, abandoned bikes are recycled or trashed. In Denver, they are auctioned and the proceeds go to the city’s general fund. Elsewhere they are donated to charities. In Michigan, some colleges are recycling them into bike rental programs.
The University of Michigan and Western Michigan University have programs stocked with brand new bikes.

Want to recycle a mattress or clean up a park? April 23 is your day

By Katie Dudlets
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

April 23 is a big day for the environment in Meridian Township. Upcoming Spring Clean and Go Green! and Love-A-Park Day events are giving volunteers a chance to participate in a community-wide effort to recycle items they have at home and to beautify the natural areas all over the township. Chippewa Middle School’s parking lot will be filled with volunteers accepting recyclable items at the annual recycling event, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. that Saturday. “This recycling event is a convenient way to recycle or reuse items that you may not be able to recycle curbside or even at your local recycling center,” said Recycling and Energy Coordinator LeRoy Harvey.

Michigan is playing catch-up in the recycling game

By Chris Hung
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

With Michigan still trailing behind other Great Lakes states in recycling rates, plans in Meridian Township are in place to ensure it does not get left behind. An estimate projects that $435 million of recyclable material annually goes to the landfill, instead of recycling facilities in Michigan. “Michigan is not stellar at recycling,” Recycling and Energy Coordinator LeRoy Harvey explained. “Meridian is no exception, but efforts are in place to expand our recycling program.”

A current, updated goal is in place to bring Michigan’s rate of recycling up to 30 percent, to compete with neighboring states. While Michiganders recycle up to 90 percent of all their bottles and cans, it only makes up about 2 percent of all waste.

Students seek change for recycling in apartments

The dorms and classrooms at Michigan State University are filled with numerous recycling bins for all types of materials. However, when students move off-campus, they find their recycling options very limited. Most apartments in East Lansing do not offer recycling pickup, forcing residents to either drive their recyclables to other drop-off areas or simply throw them in the trash. Campus Village apartments is one housing complex that does not have a recycling system, and Community Manager Katie Larner says it is just not easy enough to simply put out bins. However, there has been some unhappy residents that want the ability to recycle in their communities.

Granger Trash Service to offer curbside recycling to customers

By Anna Shaffer
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

Residents of Delhi Township who have Granger Trash Service will be eligible for street-side recycling at no additional charge beginning in June 2016. Currently, street-side recycling is offered to customers as an additional charge service. Granger also offers a drop-off service free of charge to customers where they can bring sorted recyclables to the Granger Recycling Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program will be offered to customers in single-family homes, and will not include customers who receive their trash service through a contract such as a homeowners’ or condo association, according to a press release issued by Granger. “I definitely think this will increase the amount of recycling in Delhi,” said Evan Hope, trustee for Delhi Township.

More apartment complexes soon could see recycling drop-off sites

By Ally Hamzey
The Meridian Times Staff Reporter

Meridian Township seeks to further the progression of recycling with a grant proposal that is currently in the works. The proposal, according to Meridian Township recycling coordinator LeRoy Harvey, focuses on expanding recycling accessibility for multi-family living. “[The grant proposal] is still in the developmental phases,” Harvey said. “The state is offering support for the purchase of recycling containers.”

The costs associated with the proposal are not yet definite as it is still in the developmental phase. Harvey states that only eight apartment complexes offer recycling to residents in Meridian Township.

Rural recycling program will continue in Clinton County

By Katie Winkler
Clinton County Chatter Staff Reporter

Main Street Pizza, along the downtown strip in the Village of Fowler, separates their garbage from boxboard to recycle down the street at the drop-off centers. If it weren’t for the Rural Recycling Program that maintains these sites, assistant manger Tyler Conner said they would most likely toss the boxes from shipment. “It’s just handy to be able to dispose of that in an ecologically-beneficial way,” he said. Conner can continue doing that. The Rural Recycling Program that covers Clinton County residents within Dallas Township, Lebanon Township, the Village of Fowler and the Village of Maple Rapids, was approved by the County Board during their Sept.

Trash, recycling pickup rates raise in DeWitt

By Diamond Henry
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

DEWITT — At the city of DeWitt’s City Council meeting on Oct. 27, the Granger company was present as part of an annual review of its trash-hauling services for the city. Granger has been partnered with the city for recycling and waste management for three years via a public competitive bid, according to city administrator Daniel Coss. Granger services is a Lansing-based company and provides services throughout Michigan and other states. The energy they collect from the waste around mid-Michigan, according to the review, provides 14,000 homes with electricity.