Ram Trail Two design is in the works after successful opening of the Ram Trail

By Austin Short
Holt Journal Staff Reporter

After the opening of the 1.5-mile Ram Trail in early December, Delhi Township administration is in the midst of designing Ram Trail Two, which will start at the Holt Road and Eifert Road intersection and travel north-east towards Jaycee Park and Cedar Street. “These trails have been very popular amongst citizens and in my 27 years working for the township I think the trails are one of our greatest contributions to the community,” said Director of Parks and Recreation Mark Jenks. According to Tracy Miller, Director of Community Development, construction of the new trail will most likely begin in spring of 2017 and be completed that fall. “There is some property across from Eifert Road that the township owns. There is a worn out two track back there that people use and that is something that could be a part of Ram Trail Two,” said Jenks.

New trails create buzz in Delhi Township

By Courtney Kendler
Holt Journal staff reporter

Runners, bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts are discovering new ways to embrace the community, with the many new trails sprouting up throughout Delhi Township. Three such trails have been developed in Delhi Township over the last decade. The first was the mile-long Valhalla Trail, completed in 2006. This was followed by the 2.1 mile long Sycamore Trail in 2014. All 3 trails have been funded, in part, by different grants allocated by the State of Michigan and the Delhi Township general fund.