High school athletes protest winter sports delays

Last Saturday, high school athletes protested winter sports delays at the Capitol with their parents and coaches. High school sports have been delayed multiple times since August. This time, it was winter sports that were delayed until February 21st. Teams could practice, but only with non-contact activities. The protest was effective as Governor Whitmer announced today that winter contact sports can resume, with some precautions, starting on Monday, Feb.

Old Town eye sore causes upset

By Erica Zazo
Old Town Lansing Times staff writer 

LANSING, MI- Old Town residents seek out a solution to the construction of a local eye sore in the midst of the Walnut Neighborhood community. Niowave, a particle accelerating company that currently occupies Walnut Elementary School, built a “pole barn” structure, on what used to be a playground, without warning residents. Walnut Neighborhood Association member, and local resident, Penny Gardner, met with Niowave officials and other association members Friday, Oct. 5, to discuss potential opportunities for improvement of facilities’ exterior. “We want Niowave to fix the façade of the building to make it more appealing,” said Garnder.