Millennials face obstacles registering to vote

By Chloe Kiple

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Political disinterest, tricky voting laws and registration processes may stand between millennials and the February 8th deadline to register to vote in the upcoming Michigan presidential primary. “I don’t want to vote in the presidential primary,” said Michigan State senior journalism major Kelsey Banas. “I’m really just not into it, I hate politics.”

Less than 50 percent of millennials, or people ages 18 to 35, say that they will not vote in the presidential primary according to a January 2016 USA Today survey. For many young voters like Banas, feeling disengaged or uninterested in politics is a major deterrent to civic engagement and voter registration.

Mitt Romney takes Michigan in the Republican Primary

Mitt Romney took Grand Ledge and ultimately won the republican primary in Michigan on Tuesday. In Grand Ledge, there are four precincts, and Romney took 224 votes, which was enough to beat Rick Santorum, who took 223 votes. Romney, who ultimately took 41% of the overall votes in Michigan, also won the Arizona primary. “We didn’t win by a lot but we won by enough and that’s all that matters,” said Romney during his Michigan victory speech. Santorum came in second with 38% of the vote and kept up a good fight throughout the night.