The doctor prescribed addiction: prescription drugs take on illicit roles in Lansing, nationwide

By Nakea Paige
Listen Up Lansing Staff Reporter

When you go to the doctor, you hope to leave with a cure. However, some leave with an addiction, or a new job as a drug dealer. More and more, people are using prescription drugs like antidepressants or pain medication as a way one would use hardcore drugs. They are using them for recreation or even selling them which is not what these medications are for. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, prescription drug addiction is becoming a big issue killing more people from accidental overdoses.

Prescription drug abuse: The new face of addiction

By Daniel Hamburg
Mason Times staff writer

“It can happen to anyone. I’ve seen it a lot,” Aaron Emerson said. Unsuspecting teens are becoming addicted to prescription pills, and moving on to more dangerous drugs. It’s in our medicine cabinets and prescribed by doctors. Prescription drugs, such as opioids, are available for helping people overcome pain and other medical issues, yet sometimes lead people down an addictive road.

Prescription Drug Task Force working to keep Mason safe

by Henrik Blix
Mason Times staff writer

MASON—Prevention and education. Those are the methods Mason leaders are using to address prescription drug abuse. Police Chief John Stressman said the police department’s job is more about prevention than enforcement. “We’re trying to get ahead of the game,” Stressman said. “We’re proactive and aggressive about preventing problems before they get started.”

According to the police department’s annual report, drug offenses accounted for 16 of 221, just over 7 percent, of total arrests in 2012.