Bath’s parks benefit the community in more ways than one

By Holly Osmer
Bath-DeWitt Connection Staff Reporter

BATH — Access to public parks can have positive attributes to communities, no matter the size. According to an article published by The Trust for Public Land, some of these benefits include exposure to nature and greenery which makes people healthier and increased property value. “Research has shown that cities with good parks and recreation services have stronger economic growth so they can attract residents and businesses because they are seen as amenities,” said Director of the Global Urban Studies Program and Professor of Political Science Dr. Laura Reese at Michigan State University. According to Reese, parks can also positively contribute to public health and lowering crime in local communities. “Public events can bring in tourists that shop and eat in the community,” said Director of the Global Urban Studies Program and Professor, Political Science Dr. Laura Reese.

Delhi Township to hold public hearing for Kiwanis Park bathroom proposal

By Ethan Merrill
Holt Journal staff writer

The Delhi Charter Township Park Commission approved a motion 6-0 on Wednesday, Feb. 12, to hold a public hearing on March 12, regarding the proposed Kiwanis Park restroom overhaul. Delhi Township Parks & Recreation Director Mark Jenks spoke to the board for around 40 minutes about the need for a new restroom in Kiwanis Park, and his desire to increase public support for the upcoming hearing. “This is a needed project, and one that is long overdue,” said Jenks. “The current restrooms are existing under less than desirable conditions.”

The estimated cost of the new facility, according to Jenks, will fall between $250,000-370,000.